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Looking for a tighter physique…
and the confidence to protect yourself?

Get both at Crazy 88, learning at your own pace from some of the mid-Atlantic’s most accomplished instructors.

THAT’S NOT JUST EMPTY BOASTING. We’ve produced more IBJJF Grand Slam medalists than all the other Baltimore schools combined, and we have professional mixed martial artists fighting in TV shows like Bellator.

But if you’re thinking we must all be hardcore pros…well, that ain’t it. Rather, our philosophy is that students should be able to achieve what they want. Some want to be world-class fighters. Some want to get in shape and learn self-defense. Whatever you want, we have a place for you.


  • Our 15,000 square feet headquarters is the largest in Maryland. It’s hard to get comfortable training in dinky-stinky hole-in-the-wall dojos that are so cramped you’re constantly worrying about getting another student’s elbow in your face. Our gym is spacious and relaxed.
  • We foster a friendly, professional, and ego-free training environment. No one at our school has anything to prove. We don’t take on students (or instructors) who just want to “beat people up”, or have other attitude problems.
  • Our instructors have specialist fitness training—because martial arts are a great alternative to grinding out pushups at the gym.

So those are some reasons we believe there’s no better place than Crazy 88. If you’re thinking of starting a martial art, picking one up again, or just getting in shape, why not check out our programs to see what’s right for you?

All Women’s Only Classes come with a Free 30-Day Trial.

• No cost and no obligation
• No martial arts experience needed
• No fitness level required
• No age limits