Women's Classes

Why Do So Few Women Participate in Mixed Martial Arts Classes?

Well, it’s a known (unfortunate) fact that women don’t really populate most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts schools. The VAST MAJORITY of legitimate Martial Arts schools have almost 50 men to 1 woman (1% – 2% of the total student base). You would have better luck trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack than finding a woman at a Mixed Martial Arts gym …and this makes sense.

What you can expect to find at a “NORMAL” MMA Gym?

  • Sweaty stinky hole-in-the wall facility. You don’t want to be training at a place that smells your boyfriend’s gym bag.
  • A super-macho *UFC* school atmosphere. You can expect lots of chest-thumping and testosterone – not exactly the most welcoming atmosphere for a novice female.
  • A Meat market attitude among the male students. Women are there just for eye-candy.
  • Women treated as non-serious students. If you are a woman that *really* wants to get in-shape or learn how to fight, you will be greeted with shock!
  • Lack of female training partners. Although training with men can be beneficial to learn how to deal with a stronger opponent, you need to be able to train with other women to get used to the increased flexibility and have the ability to train at 100% effort. But most training centers do not have the numbers necessary to create this type of Womens only training environment.
  • Why are so many women BORED with their normal Gym routine?

We get tons of women calling us, wanting a different way to stay in shape. Women always tell us going to the gym is “too boring.” It seems the standard routine is – sign up for a gym membership, try it a few times, and just stop going after the first few days.

This is not unusual.

In fact, industry statistics indicate that 83% of gym members stop going after the first month! Its a very impersonal environment and requires lots of equipment in order to get the best possible workout (which means you have to know HOW TO use the equipment).

All Women’s Only Classes come with a Free 30-Day Trial.

• No cost and no obligation
• No martial arts experience needed
• No fitness level required
• No age limits