When I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I was really passionate about it and wanted to get to a high level. But this was extremely hard, because it was an amateur sport. After I’d developed my skills to a high level, I really wanted to use my knowledge to help other people who were on the same journey. I wanted to give dedicated and passionate people, who really love these realistic martial arts, a way to reliably attain a high (professional) level of skill.

But I also don’t want them to become dumb jocks or the stereotypical meat-head fighters!

So I founded Crazy 88 to develop the person

…as well as their martial arts ability

Because generally you have either small hardcore places that produce fighters, or big McDojos that just teach nonsense. At Crazy 88, we want to develop the person, but within the context of realistic martial arts—developing fighters to an international level.

Because we’re focused on developing the person, our program is for everyone. But what separates us from the many other MMA and kickboxing schools is none of them have any proof that they can get students to a high level. We do (more on that below).

Now, we do have some people who quit, telling us, “I’m not trying to be a champion, so why shouldn’t I just go to the cheapest place I can find?” Here’s why I find that mindset confusing:

Learning martial arts is just like learning anything

I went to Cornell University. There are a lot of accoutrements that go along with that kind of high-level education. It’s professional in all areas. There is a solid curriculum. The professors are top-class. The buildings are well-appointed and clean. Etc. But I also went to a community college later on. Compared to Cornell it was terrible. It felt cheap. The actual education was second-rate. And everything that went along with it was a bit sub-par as well. The professors didn’t have the same interest in the students or concern about providing the highest quality education. The buildings were shabby. Overall, it was disappointing.

I’m sure you know what I mean. If you’re going to learn something at a university, you want to go to the best university you can—even if you don’t intend to become a world-recognized authority in the subject you’re studying. I mean, right?

Martial arts are no different. Even if you’re not trying to be a fighter or a champion, you don’t want to go to a cheap school because the education you get simply won’t be as good, and the experience won’t be as enjoyable. Crazy 88 provides an environment where you’re going to get the best training, in the best facilities, regardless of the reasons you want to learn. There’s no second-rate education here.

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