Julius Park

I started to train Jiu-Jitsu back in 1998 when I was attending the gulag known as Cornell University. What really drew me to Jiu-Jitsu is how obvious the connection between effort and results was.

When I opened Crazy 88 in 2005, everyone told me that it was impossible to run a serious competition school and also have it be successful. In other words, I would need to ‘sell out’ and run a McDojo in order to survive. I’m glad I didn’t listen. Crazy 88 is now responsible for close to 100% of all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grand Slam medalist production in the entire Baltimore area.

My goal for the school is to provide an environment where anyone can learn real Jiu-Jitsu, real Muay Thai, and real Mixed Martial Arts – whether he wants to be a World Champion or just get in shape.


Jon Delbrugge AKA “Devastator”

The football player formerly known as “Meat”.

Lot of people know Jon now as a fighter. He LOOKS like a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He has a lot of tattoos, muscles, and a shaved head. We nicknamed him “Devastator” after the giant Transformer made of construction vehicles because he was super-strong and super-crazy when he came in. You would have him in dominant positions and he would do some berserker move and escape or even finish you.

He’s won a whole bunch of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu medals including 2 Bronzes at the Pan Ams at the Purple Belt level. Right now, he’s an undefeated Professional MMA Fighter (2-0) after compiling a perfect 5-0 Amateur record.

For me the most telling story about Jon is when he first came into Crazy 88. He had been playing college football so he was huge and he checked off everything on the Walk-In form sheet, including Goals – To Be a Professional Fighter and Experience – MMA, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, etc. To this day, I believe he is the only person to check off all of those on the Walk-In form.
Jon would always be late with his tuition. Like completely delinquent for 3-4 months at a time and then just when he was about to be kicked out, he would show up with the money. It became so annoying that we wondered if it was worth dealing with him as a student but one thing kept us from asking him to leave… his little brother Devon.

He would always bring his little brother around and be super-protective of him so we said… Hey, a guy who cares that much about his brother can’t be that bad, and kept him around.
Jon ended up marrying his High School sweetheart and his little brother ended up becoming an instructor (keep scrolling down). He is loyal to his loved ones. To me, that’s the important part of “Devastator.”


Aungla N Sang

I am a professional MMA fighter and a trainer at Crazy 88 BJJ. My life journey began on the other side of the world. I am a son of a jade miner, who sent me to the United States from Myanmar (Burma) after I graduated High School. My two older and wiser siblings, who were already in the States, majored in Engineering and Business but I was going to major in Agriculture Science, a fancy word for farming.

In the United States, I spent my first four years in Michigan, studying at Andrews University. I learned to milk, feed, and breed the beasts known as Holstein Cows. In the summer of 2004, in my sophomore year in college, I started the most ridiculous hobby called, Mixed Martial Arts. I would drive an hour down to South Bend, Indiana, three times a week to train “Jiu-jitsu”. The word sounded so cool and mystical; I would shout “Jiu-jitsu” and give a round house kick to the cows that got out of line. I was in love with Mixed Martial Arts (and under poor management), so I fought my first MMA fight with just months of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training and some kickboxing sparring rounds.

After College, I moved to Columbia, Maryland and decided to go check out a gym called “Crazy 88”. After training at Crazy 88 BJJ, I was blown away by the instructions and the caliber of the skill in the room.

Unfortunately, I only trained there for two months before I took a job as a migratory beekeeper. I traveled all over the States for pollination contracts and honey production. We pollinated oranges and water melons in Florida, almonds in California, blue berries in Michigan and cranberries in Wisconsin. A year and a few thousand stings later, I realized I needed to return to a more stable life. In 2009, I returned to Maryland and to Crazy 88.

I have 24 professional MMA fights, many IBJJF medals, and a job that I love. Still pursuing my dream, I am going to keep working hard and I am very excited for the upcoming years.