Women's Classes

Are You Bored and Sick of Going to the Gym and Not Seeing Results?

Ladies… Learn The Proven Solution to lose 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds or more this year and keep it off! Without sacrificing your daily life schedule, or taking on painful diets.

Congrats, you are lucky! Or, you been searching endlessly for a solution…. Let me ask you some quick questions:

  • Do you feel that no matter how much you try to go to the gym you struggle to keep a consistent schedule?
  • Do you feel that you work out because you need to instead of wanting to?
  • Do you feel that you are on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs with your weight without any definite control or idea how to once and for all keep it down?
  • Do you feel like every year that goes by you are losing the battle and your ideal body shape, size, and weight becomes a dream that is harder and harder to realize?
  • Have you tried different diets that seem to work momentarily but then leave you back where you started, if not worse off?
  • Do you feel that work, family or daily life keep you so busy that when it is time to work out … you actually feel like you need some rest or time to do something fun for yourself?
  • Are you about to give up on yourself?

Please don’t without trying our Women Only Fitness Bootcamp 30 Day Free Trial!

Dear Ladies, You are about to discover how you can develop flat abs, toned arms, lean legs, and a tight butt by simply training two times a week! We get these emails all the time: “I am super busy and I don’t find the time in the day to work out like I would like to. I used to go to the gym casually and anytime my friend could come with me, but we were both tired from work and would end up chatting. If my friend got sick or was tired I used it as a good excuse to stay home. As of last year, I don’t feel motivated, or inspired to go to the gym because of my lack of progress. I used to be in good shape and I miss that, and worse, it feels impossible to get myself anywhere close to where I once was.”

If this feels like you then do not worry, we have a REAL SOLUTION FOR YOU!

But first…I will give you two rules to follow to make sure you get in shape and stay in shape. The first rule is probably what you have been doing wrong, the second rule will make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes…

All Women’s Only Classes come with a Free 30-Day Trial.

• No cost and no obligation
• No martial arts experience needed
• No fitness level required
• No age limits