Crazy 88 was founded in 2005 by Julius Park with the intention of providing a truly world-class Martial Arts training environment in a positive, family-oriented atmosphere. He envisioned a location where an average person could begin training, and if he or she truly wanted it, could reach the highest level of combat sports – all in one place. He also believed that one did not to “water down” the martial arts in order to run a successful program and that people would prefer a difficult and honest system to a fake easy one.

What separates the Crazy 88 Martial Arts program from the others is simple – we offer something for EVERYONE!

Crazy 88 – Elkridge has over 500 actively training students that enjoy the benefits that the academy provides. Some folks want a fun way to lose weight and get in shape. Others want to be able to defense themselves – but in a martial art where they can actually experience skill progression. And some people not only want to compete, but become champions, professional fighters, and career martial artists.

We are the only Baltimore-area Martial Arts program to produce Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champions in both the gi and no gi. We also have professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters that compete in the countries top promotions. And now, our focus is on Muay Thai Kickboxing with the goal of having our students compete regularly in Thailand and the top International promotions within 2 years.

The curious thing is that all this was accomplished with less than 10% of our students competing. The rest of our students just enjoy reaching their personal goals in a professional training environment.

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