Baltimore MMA Training Facility

No martial arts experience needed
No fitness level or age limits required
All commitment levels welcome

Learn Advanced Technical Skills

- Striking (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai)
- Takedowns (Wrestling, Judo, Sombo)
- Ground Grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling)

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Choose a class that fits your schedule. For all ages and experience levels.


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All levels of experience and fitness are eligible.
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Adult Classes

Discover why everyone from professional fighters to professional business people love training here!
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Women’s Classes

Learn The Proven Solution to lose 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds or more this year and keep it off!
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Kid’s Classes

Find out why our parents have become raving fans of our martial arts after school program.
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“Crazy 88 students are people just like you who are willing to work hard to achieve their personal goals and have fun doing it”

- Julius Park, Founder, Crazy 88 MMA School


Qualified Professional Instruction

You will never have to spend valuable time “unlearning” bad habits because your original part-time instructor didn’t *really* know what was going on.

Proven Competition Success

You’re going to be training at the same program that has produced more champions than any other school in the Baltimore area. We’re not just a competition school – but we’re very very good at it.

Focus on Actual Skill Development

You’re going to be losing weight, getting stronger, and developing real defense skills. Our focus is on developing your actual fighting ability and fitness – not giving you a new belt.

Open to All Experience Levels, Fitness Levels, and Ages

Whether you’re a 45 year-old computer engineer or a 10-0 professional fighter, you will receive world-class mixed martial arts training at Crazy 88. You don’t need to have experience, be in-shape, or be a 21-year old aspiring fighter with tattoos to fit in.

Top-of-the-Line Training Facility

You’ll be working out comfortably among our four mat areas, professional-size Octagon cage, and Boxing ring. Plus, we have showers and lockers rooms so you can make that drive home, smelling good and clean.

Structured Progression

Every institution of higher-learning has a structure and curriculum… and so do we. Whether you’re coming in for your first class or you’ve been training for years, you will be following our blueprint. You’ll know whats next and not be bored!

Sign up for your FREE 30 Day All Access Pass Today

All levels of experience and fitness are eligible.
This All-Access Pass gives you zero-obligation access to our program for 30 Days FREE.

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"My wife hated the idea of Jiu Jitsu training but loved the camaraderie and friends I had made at Crazy 88. After 2 sessions, she was hooked and the rest is history. She’s now become a multi-time international Jiu Jitsu champion and the number one ranked women’s blue belt in the world. "

− David Zwanetz, Attorney, Crazy88 Student

"What impressed me the most was the environment. It was almost like everybody was family with each other. The instructors were really attentive, preparing me for that first class. The instructors put more effort in to each individual student, more than I’ve seen in the two previous schools that I’d been to. "

− Anwir Mirza, Baltimore Police Officer, Crazy88 Student

"If you come here and you want to get in shape, if you want to be great at something, we have the facilities and we have the personnel that can make your dreams come true as far as martial arts. It’s a place where you can become the best version of YOU that you want to be. "

− Tim Spriggs, No Gi World Champion, European Champion, PanAm Champion